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Seasec Security

Whether our clients conduct business internationally or just around the corner, they count on the resources we provide. If you need one security officer or a team of officers, for long term or short term assignments, we can help you create the solution that best fits your security needs and budget.


We provide good quality surveillance system to monitor your premises and every activity you might need. (second eyes)

Home Security

Security is our top priority, with us everything will be protected and secured.

Access Control

For any extra security checks, we have best equipment to ensure your premise is safe from the external world.

CAsh Management

We have a well trained team of professionals who are able to transport your most precious items from point A to point B.

Rapid Response

We have highly trained personnels who are ready to help you 24/7 at any given time. Your safety is our top priority.

Dog Section

We have highly trained Dogs.

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Security saving tips

  • Don't advertise your valuables.
  • Install an alarm or deter thieves with a dog.
  • Make friends with your neighbours.
  • Makesure you lockup all doors.
  • Hire a guard for an extra protection.
  • Install CCTV to monitor any movements even you not around.